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Sunflower WEB SERIES Download All Episodes Leaked Online: Sunil Grover is an actor that I feel has so much potential. coming in the league of comedic actors who if you cast in dramatic roles that allow them to use a muscle never seen by the public they’re bound to surprise anyone. So when I got to know that Vikas beheld is creating an eight-episode dark comedy thriller series with Grover in the lead role I was thoroughly excited. Sunflower is a residential society that inhabits some of the most interesting characters and unfortunately, a murder takes place in the apartment complex and the police investigation leads to fingers being pointed towards several residents.

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One of which includes sonu singh played by sunil grover, a 35-year-old loner sales agent that is
sincere honest, and slightly delusional. The series takes the route of becoming an absurd thriller exploring comedic gags and hilarious sequences while focusing on the most grave situations. The brilliant sentence without me giving anything away about sunflower and its plot is presented in their
synopsis which states between sonu tightening the noose around his own neck.

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The murderers living on the edge and the society trying to uplift its society’s values sunflower is a quirky murder mystery in a comedy of errors. So did the series really explore the potential of making a compelling and hilarious thriller does it finally explore the dark side of an actor like sunil grover let’s find out. Here’s me telling you the good and bad aspects in no particular order so that you guys can ultimately decide whether sunflower on zee5 is worth your time or not.

Sonu Singh has so much potential to have a dark side and while this season presents a hint of what may have shaped sono to become this way he is naive soft-spoken and almost unaware of his surroundings we are left to believe that sonu is nothing but that sheltered individual. This is something I’ll talk about also I think the biggest issue with the series is its screenplay there is an
absolute lack of focus on what it should explore or spend time on the series goes in so many directions that it often frustrates you as you want to love it.

For the talented people involved in it when the investigation is finally catching up some steam it
abandons the storyline and characters and deems it fit to focus on subplots for comedic relief you have the politics of building residents a possible abduction in the process theft that takes place in a corporate office stolen jeans and the conspiracy behind it and an old dealing man that needs assistance all taking place in random intervals almost making you wish the creators went to the drawing board to explore what was most interesting. the prime suspects and the police involved was the most captivating it’s the writing of the show and the way it wanted to explore the crime committed also made me lose interest.

The series is how one gets away with a crime versus a who done it but doesn’t even come close to engaging you the same way as a Grisham it’s sloppy in many ways of how it expands the case at hand. Moments and absurdity the series is definitely not your conventional thriller it is set up in a way to remind you of movies like blackmail or choke there is an investigation at hand there are prime suspects each with their interesting personalities and all of this is presented with a taste of humor. No matter how torrid the situation gets there are several moments and I won’t lie about it where i definitely did chuckle whether it be Ahuja’s little son always giving them gyan a buy and a watchman having the most hilarious argument in the police station or an uber driver chasing sonu because he is not willing to pay him a cancellation feast all of it is absurd and momentarily

Probably the best running gags in the series involve Gurmeet who is constantly doing rays as she is preparing for a singing competition and the society council that interviews individuals who want to get a flat in sunflower apartments. Showcasing their lack of inclusivity in the guise of protecting Indian culture. It will remind you of the several living room discussions you may have had with uncles and aunties in the living room while they showcase the secularism that goes out of the window if it comes to walking in their own homes so while these moments are hilarious they run in a parallel direction taking us away from the most interesting aspect of the series.

Almost to a dumb level people getting away with the craziest of situations while being at the scene of the crime, as if it was nothing convenient is an understatement for most situations. The potential and Grover you know the problem of the series is that while some of its ongoing parallel gags are funny they have most of the time no connection to the storyline so you go on this journey of random sequences of a tag being removed from underwear or an old man that constantly shouts to or the worst the stereotypical CEO with an American accent and a privileged daughter but in the grand scheme of things it goes nowhere you know the series had the potential to carry out several aspects that other films have successfully done in the same genre the invasive and vapid conversations of
a film like choked beautifully performed by Amrita Subhash was missing the chatter that takes place
among the thin walls of societies and how it progresses from rumors to become fact, it was barely explored.

You know when it comes to gags and crime thrillers it is an art you’ve seen showcased by a few creators raj and DK being one of them but where it stood out for me was in films like andadon and ugly. The reason for their superiority as products is that the supporting characters of the films have something to lend to the case at hand but sunflower frustratingly goes in tangents that stand out individually but not for a series that demands the attention of the viewer.

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