With Thursday and Friday marked as “complete lockdown” in West Bengal, most offices and establishments  remained closed today. Police personnel kept strict vigilance across the state to ensure that the lockdown rules were being followed.
Several offices will remain closed for four consecutive days as Saturday and Sunday are weekly holidays for most state and Central government establishments.
Complete lockdown days have been marked for August 5 (Wednesday), 8 (Saturday), 20 (Thursday), 21 (Friday), 27 (Thursday) and 31 (Monday) in West Bengal.
Earlier, August 28 had also been marked as a lockdown date but being a Friday, it would inconvenience people a lot, as banks would be closed during that weekend as well. So that date is no longer being observed as complete lockdown. “Festivals and local community-base customs” this month were coinciding with the dates of lockdown announced earlier, and thus some dates have been revised earlier.
The government has decided to impose a biweekly lockdown in Bengal to contain the spread of COVID-19 after a sudden spike in the number of cases since the last two weeks of July.

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