Trinamool leaders object to PM Modi’s “Didi-oh-Didi” phrase & tone of addressing Mamata Banerjee in rallies

The party's leaders spoke about it in a press conference today.

Senior Trinamool Congress leader and Bengal minister Shashi Panja on Sunday addressed a press conference in Kolkata and said her party is objecting to the manner in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee at public rallies by saying: “Didi-oh-Didi”. Panja said that though she respects the positions of the Prime Minister and the Union Home minister, she can’t be respectful to the people who hold these chairs currently since they aren’t showing respect to others.

“During the election, the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been addressing the chief minister of West Bengal, it appears that he is being belittling Mamata Banerjee. That is a cause of concern for us. He is insulting our beloved Didi. The way he has been heckling the chief minister, it is a matter of concern for all,” said Panja.

Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra had a few days ago, raised the matter in an interview on NDTV, said that “there’s something we have in Bengal called ‘rock-er chhele’, which means a street-side fellow who sits on a wall and who basically calls out to every lady walking past, saying “Diddi, ei diddi”. This is the Prime Minister doing this.” Asked whether she meant it was a catcall, Moitra responded saying: “Don’t take it out of context. Please. But doesn’t it sound like that? What does it sound like?” She asked “How is that okay? Is this Prime Minister going to come and teach us about decorum? This is a Prime Minister sitting here chortling a sitting chief minister in the cheapest, basest way possible.”

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Trinamool leaders Ananya Chakraborty and June Maliah also spoke in the same lines. “Narendra Modi has insulted our chief minister. He has insulted the women of Bengal. The PM represents the country and the tone in which he addresses Mamata Banerjee is very disheartening. He is harassing her. Women have been soft targets always,” said Maliah. Ananya Chakraborty said that the manner in which he addresses Mamata Banerjee has the impression of patriarchal mindset.

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