Ahead of 2021 Assembly polls, Trinamool Congress launches new app “Didir Doot”

Ahead of the 2021 Assembly elections, the Trinamool Congress has launched a new app, Didir Doot. The West Bengal chief minister who is the Trinamool Congress party chief, is popularly called Didi, and the app “Didir Doot” means Didi’s messenger.

Available on Google Play Store, the app says that it is intended to “Spread Mamata Banerjee’s vision and connect with her using the app”. With COVID-19 making it difficult for political parties to reach out to people physically, digital medium is going to be the most popular medium this election for sure. For Trinamool Congress, the “Didir Doot” app is the newly launched app attempting to reach out to the electorate, especially the young who are comfortable with the medium, through volunteers who will pass on Mamata Banerjee’s message to others around themselves.

The app offers the opportunity to listen to Mamata Banerjee through her messages and live videos, work with her to pass on her messages, and to be in touch with her. People can watch Banerjee’s live videos, reach out to her with their complaints, offer suggestions to the party and get to know her political work through this app.

Those keen on doing so, can download the app from Google Play Store. People can register through the app with all their details. There is the scope to be a volunteer of Mamata Banerjee and reach her words and messages to people and they will be assigned work to be completed within a specified time.

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