BJP in Bengal launches programme to get 3 crore membership in 3 months

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday launched its new programme in West Bengal targeting to achieve three crore new membership for the party within the next three months. The programme, titled “Amar paribar, BJP paribar” (My family, BJP family) was launched in the state on Friday.

Bengal’s BJP chief Dilip Ghosh and senior leaders of the party Rahul Sinha and Mukul Roy were present at the programme launch. BJP national president JP Nadda, addressed the gathering in a virtual message. He said that the BJP would bring in a period of “golden rule” in the state, and the state could implement the Centre’s programmes properly in Bengal if the BJP came to power in the state. Targetting the Assembly polls of 2021, Nadda said that the BJP’s coming to power in the state will help proper implementation of the projects launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Dilip Ghosh meanwhile alleged that the state government had failed to handle the COVID-19 situation in Bengal.

With Ghosh and Mukul Roy on the same dais, the BJP leadership was also perhaps trying to address rumours that Roy was likely to quit the party as the BJP leadership in both the state and nationally, were neglecting him and not offering him important roles in the party. The BJP leadership has earlier vehemently denied the rumours, including Roy himself, stating that he was not part of the party’s recent meeting in Delhi due to an eye surgery. For the past few times that he has made public appearances, Mukul Roy has appeared wearing dark glasses.

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