Central govt security cover for Subhendu Adhikary?

From the time Trinamool Congress’ Subhendu Adhikary resigned as minister from the Mamata Banerjee cabinet two weeks back, there have been constant speculations on his next possible move. Sources in the know reveal that Adhikary – now a Trinamool Congress MLA from West Bengal – has been provided with Central government security cover, including bullet proof vehicle. However, this was not officially confirmed by the Centre nor those close to Adhikary. There are talks that Adhikary may soon resign as MLA and then he is likely to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Sources said that the Centre has taken the decision to provide him with security, but it is upto Adhikary to decide when to accept it. And it may be as soon as the Nandigram MLA decides to give up the security that the West Bengal government provides him with.

The Centre is likely to provide him with “Y-plus” or “Z-plus” security cover, including bullet proof vehicle. As minister, Subhendu Adhikary got the state’s “Z-plus” security from the West Bengal government, which he had given up before resigning as minister. However, he continues to get state government security as an “important” person, and by the same yardstick, he would be eligible for the Centre’s security, sources said. The security arrangement was arrived at through intelligence inputs of the Central government. The decision to offer Adhikary with Central government security is also being seen as a “political” message, as it is indicative of the political party he may likely join.

But this security is not visible on the ground with the Trinamool Congress MLA yet. It is to be seen when Subhendu Adhikary will eventually take up the new security arrangement.

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