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Check Telegu full movie download leaked online: Once welcome movie Shivraj is about to release this week, I told you that if I am very much excited about this group, it has only one and only region and that is the director of the film Yes Chandrashekhar LED He directed his Whatever I have made inside was very amazing in itself and every 1 day you get to see something new or something experimental.

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So that’s why I was a little more excited about them and The expectation that was expected was a bit more, very few people who would have seen an old Chandrasekhar LED film could work differently for you in the way of expectation, by bringing the story of the film here I have liked it completely, I have liked it very much here, if you pay attention to the movies, then all the characters that you get to see in each other, they do not know each other anywhere.

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Personally, they already know each other. Do not recognize but as you move forward many different teams I grow in myself and then the whole story is a complete one. Sometimes a man of this team makes a mistake, if a man of that team dies, then the story is exactly the same, the writing department is moving forward to me. It felt very good, if you try to show that thing a little more in a good way, then it will be a lot of fun to watch, this is the biggest highlight scene.

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It was nice that there was a Chinese performance, what was there, it works very well on everything, it is quite dated, but I liked it very much because when I saw you it seemed that their director completely Have tried that no one can raise a finger on the logic from anywhere, no one will be able to ask how it happened, it is absolutely logical, so they have paid a lot of attention to all these things and that is why I would say that the film’s climax At the same time, he has many such scenes which become very predictable and if I talk about that, he is going to be I had done it almost a while ago, could not do much work for me, it is finished, but as soon as the second half of the flower starts, the story is very slow, this is not the first time.

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I am also very fond of watching movies with Slow Pace, watching Narration in a film, but his influence grows only when he is very good. You will be seen in a lot of scenes playing Nitin Chase and everything In it as if they very easily win the game of Chase, whose interest is not discounted anywhere and if there is a connection, then it proves to be weaker than them, absolutely does not suit the station’s script at all and would like to say Why they have been taken in a variety of intense films, I could not understand at all that she does not manage to impress perfectly in any frame in the whole phone and I do not think that bringing Priya Prakash Warrier into an interstellar is very right.

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Well, there was some decision to talk about it, so I liked it or not. The current character has done his job well, but what I liked about his performance in the Interval Scene, I liked it very much because he has been doing romantic films for a long time, doing comedy films and his connection to films. Have been missing for many years, then I felt very chest, which should not be taken, meaning when an actor is acting, then he should not be acting and acting is felt somewhere and try to give full hundred percent on your behalf.

And I should do it in the coming time as it has not been done, then the background music is not able to be put and comes there but the other thing that I found bad is that the dialogue is just and only suits Nitin. Let’s try to develop their character, if you mean a little bit less with a lot of expectation, don’t go overthinking too much, sit down to see and watch a little carefully, you can read a little bit by writing each scene. If you pay a lot of attention then this is what you will like and that is what you expect He will not keep the level of Chandrasekhar LED at all, because according to that, this film will make you feel weak.

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