The COVID-19 situation is steadily improving in West Bengal, with the discharge rate now 80.28 per cent. Till August 27, there were 1,21,046 patients who had been treated and discharged across the state.

On a single day, 42,474 tests were conducted, with 2,997 new cases reported on Thursday.

The number of tests is being increased every day, but the percentage of new cases reported per day has not gone up, say officials. They said that this indicates an improvement in the overall situation. With discharge rate of patients increasing, the situation is now almost under control, they said. Till now, 1,50,772 persons have tested positive for COVID-19 in Bengal, and 3,017 persons have died from it. Currently, there are 26,709 active cases in the state, which has gone down by 245 in the past 24 hours.

The state government is implementing a bi-weekly complete lockdown to contain the spread of COVID.

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