COVID 19: Drive to avoid crowding inside markets of Kolkata

The state government authorities are taking various measures to avoid crowding inside markets in Kolkata.

The bigger markets in the city which have multiple gates are now allowed to run with only two gates to control the number of people entering them. At one point of time, no more than 30-40 persons are being allowed inside. Only when some of these people move out after shopping, are the others being allowed to go in.

Shoppers are being asked to complete their shopping within 20-30 minutes so that a large crowd does not gather outside the gates.

Police personnel are being deployed at market gates to ensure the rules are maintained. Market committees have been asked to rearrange the places where sellers are selling their products – by increasing the space between them. They are also preparing lists of local vendors who will be allowed to sell vegetables in particular areas. This will keep people from visiting the markets and reduce crowding there.

Police have been asking vendors in unorganised markets about ways to maintain social distancing norms. They are marking individual spots for them to sit, by maintaining proper distance from each other. Police personnel are ensuring that there is no crowding.

Use of masks and sanitizers are being monitored too. Both sellers and buyers are supposed to use masks and sanitizers from time to time. Wash basins outside some markets in the city have already been set up by the government, and more are likely to be placed. Soaps and sanitizers are being provided by the government in the markets.

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