COVID-19: Swab tests on 6 mobile ambulances for sample collection in Kolkata, another 14 ahead

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has started taking samples for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) tests in the city earlier this week. Already six mobile vans – which are retrofitted ambulances – are being used in various parts of the city. Fourteen more mobile vans will be introduced soon for the same tests to collect swab samples.

Earlier this week – on Tuesday – swab sample collection started in the Chetla and New Alipore areas. The idea is to collect samples and identify COVID-19 affected persons from among those who have very mild or no symptoms and separate them from others quickly in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Health professionals have been saying that only lockdown measures are not enough and the key to eradicating COVID-19 lies in more and more tests so as to identify asymptomatic patients and prevent its spread. Such patients are either unwilling to visit hospitals for fear of getting infected due to exposure in hospitals or have no idea that they might be infected.

Over 350 tests were conducted on an average per day this week since Tuesday. With more mobile vans lined up, the number of tests is expected to go up in the coming days.

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