E-passes for those stranded outside Bengal & those who want to travel back to their own states

The West Bengal government has set up an automated e-Pass system on its website Egiye Bangla for those stranded due to the lockdown within and outside the state to help them come into the state or to move to their respective destinations outside Bengal. The applicants however, have to make their own travel arrangements.

Three types of passes are being issued – exit pass from the state, entry into the state in small vehicles and entry pass for those travelling in groups in large vehicles.

Users will have to register their phone numbers and names by visiting respective links given on the website before collecting passes. A one time password (OTP) will be sent to the registered phone number. Registration can also be done by sending “hi” via WhatsApp on the number 8017845555 or by sending an SMS to 51969.

Information such as personal details, details of co-passengers, source and destination address, vehicle details, reasons for travel, identification proof etc are required.

Those who are stranded can also call two helpline numbers to seek help. All the details are available in the order issued by the state government.

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