Footballer Mehtab Hossain quits BJP in less than 24 hours after joining the party

Former national team and Mohun Bagan football star Mehtab Hossain joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday, only to announce publicly in less than 24 hours that he wouldn’t like to be part of mainstream politics.

Mehtab Hossain – with a BJP flag handed over to him by the party’s West Bengal chief Dilip Ghosh – had said on Tuesday that joining politics was the best way to help those who are in difficulties.

However, on Wednesday morning, he wrote on his Facebook account that he had realised that those for whom he had joined politics would prefer to see him as a football star instead of a politician. “That’s why I have decided to move away from politics. Sometimes one has to give up smaller things for the sake of something bigger,” he wrote. He said that the people who love him would prefer to see him as they always have, and he would hate it if people who have loved him thus now distance themselves from him.

“I don’t want my life to change,” he wrote, adding that his family was also hurt by his decision (of joining politics). He also said that he had no anger or hatred for anyone and no one had influenced him to take the decision to detach himself from politics.

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