Jagdeep Dhankhar to Mamata Banerjee: ongoing post-poll violence in Bengal “worst since Independence”; questions her “silence” & “inaction”

He called for a meeting with the CM on the matter.

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar on Tuesday wrote to the state’s chief minister Mamata Banerjee on her “continued silence” and “inaction” over what he called were “post poll retributive bloodshed, violation of human rights, outrageous assault over dignity of women…on political opponents” which he also said was the “worst since Independence”.

Dhankhar wrote to the CM in a letter – which he posted in his official Twitter account – saying that despite drawing her attention to the post-poll violence, the CM has not deemed it “necessary to even deliberate this grave human tragedy in any of the Cabinet meetings” so far. He also wrote that her “silence” led to the conclusion that this was “state-driven”. The Governor added that the role of the state was partisan and said that the “suffering people are in fear of police and administration in turn at the beck and call of ruling party harmads who like loose canons are with no fear of law.”

He also added that the CM should “reflect” and “ponder” over the premise of ongoing violence – that is, ‘punishing’ and ‘disciplining’ those who ‘dared’ to vote out of volition and for the opposition”.

He wrote that many people had mentioned to him about this violence during his visits to some camps in Cooch Behar and Nandigram among others. Dhankhar added that this was a way of “punishing” those who dared to vote against the ruling party.

In his letter, Dhankhar also mentioned that the CM had been “totally unmindful” of her oath as per constitution and law on May 17 when she went to the CBI’s office at Nizam Palace “seeking release” of some arrested persons, and that her “intimidatory stance” was widely reported in the media.

Dhankhar has urged the CM for a meeting on the issue and to take immediate action on the ongoing violence.