Journalist Jayanta Ghoshal appointed by West Bengal government to liaise with the Centre

Senior journalist Jayanta Ghoshal has been appointed Information & Development Officer by the West Bengal government to liaise with the Central government.

According to the official order of the state government dated September 18, 2020, Ghoshal will “keep liaison”, on behalf of the West Bengal government, with various Ministries of the Central government in New Delhi and different departments of the West Bengal government. The order adds that he would also “arrange pro-active dissemination” of views and information relating to the state government’s “performance and activities” to the media.

The order mentions that he be allowed to pursue his other interests that are “not disharmonious with public interest, as envisaged by the Government of West Bengal” and inform the government about it. According to the official order, he will draw a monthly honorarium and reimbursement of air tickets for his travel expenditure on duty in the Delhi-Kolkata-Delhi sector, from the West Bengal government.

His office in New Delhi will be in the office of the Principal Resident Commissioner and in Kolkata he will work from the Kolkata Information Centre.

[Image: Facebook]

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