Lockdown across West Bengal on Thursday to contain COVID-19, next lockdown on Saturday

Thursday was the first day of the total lockdown this week across West Bengal, that has been re-introduced to contain COVID-19. Saturday will be the second day of lockdown this week. The following week, Wednesday, July 29, will be a lockdown.

The state government will announce the subsequent days of lockdown, which is likely to continue for the whole of August. As of now, there will be two days of lockdown across the state with only essential services running. Right from the morning, police personnel were out on the streets, monitoring the lockdown rules strictly. Several people were penalised or sent back home if they could not provide adequate proof or reasons for coming out of their homes during the lockdown. Some were arrested for not wearing masks.

Police personnel continued to make announcements on loudspeakers, telling residents about the services that are allowed and what should remain closed on the lockdown days. There were 49,321 COVID-19 cases in Bengal till July 23, with 2,291 new cases reported in a single day (as on July 22). There were 39 deaths during this time (the total deaths in the state being 1,221). The discharge rate looked better again, at 60.11 per cent.

[Cover image courtesy: Bidhannagar City Police]

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