Trinamool would have perished in 1998 without the BJP: Subhendu Adhikary

At his first public meeting after joining the Bharatiya Janata Party, Subhendu Adhikary said on Tuesday that the Trinamool Congress would have perished in 1998 had the BJP not supported them. He was speaking in East Burdwan’s Purbashali, with Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh by his side.

In the 1998 Lok Sabha polls, Trinamool Congress had won seven seats, and in the following Lok Sabha polls of 1999, the party had won eight seats along with the BJP, increasing its tally by one. In the following year, the Trinamool Congress-BJP alliance won the Kolkata Municipal Corporation elections. In 2001 Assembly polls, the Trinamool won 60 seats in alliance with the Congress. After that, in 2004 Lok Sabha polls, Trinamool won only one seat with the BJP, and in 2006, it won 30 seats in alliance with the BJP.

At the rally, Adhikary further said that the Trinamool Congress had changed itself into a company and was not functioning like a political party anymore. “Before joining the BJP, I was asked if there are any conditions at my end, and I said ‘there are no conditions’, and we will fight and oust the Trinamool Congress and build a new Bengal,” he said, adding that there will be a parivartan of the parivartan in the state. The Trinamool Congress, before coming to power in Bengal prior to 2011, had raised the war cry of parivartan or change from 34 years of Left Front rule. Adhikary on Tuesday used the same word to indicate the wish for a change from the change brought about by the Trinamool Congress.

He said that Union Home Minister Amit Shah had taken action and stopped cattle smuggling in Bengal, apart from illegal trade in coal and sand mines. “If the Trinamool Congress comes back in power, they will take to the illegal trade of selling kidney. We have to stop the extortion from every part of the state,” Adhikary said.