Mamata Banerjee backs actor Saayoni Ghosh, against whom BJP’s Tathagata Roy had lodged complaint

She backed actors from Tollygunge film industry saying no one should target them.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday backed actor Saayoni Ghosh, saying she has the right to express her opinion. At a public meeting in Purulia district, Banerjee said: “Let me see who has the courage to do anything to her.”

Saayoni Ghosh has been at the centre of controversy after Senior BJP leader Tathagata Roy – who is former Meghalaya Governor – lodged a police complaint against the actor with Kolkata Police for a meme shared on Twitter. He alleged that the meme has hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Saayoni Ghosh however, has mentioned publicly that the meme is from February 2015 and was not posted by her. She said that it was a mischievous act by someone who hacked into her account then. Roy also mentioned on his Twitter account that other complaints – including one in Guwahati – had been filed against the actor.

On Tuesday, Mamata Banerjee, without naming Tathagata Roy, however said that “some people did not feel any shame targeting young people”. Banerjee added that no one should dare target the actor or others from the Bengali film industry of Tollygunge.

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