Naveen Chouray’s poetry book, “Kohra Ghana Hai”: bold, sharp & relevant to the country today

Naveen Chourey’s collection of poetry – Kohra Ghana Hai: Nothing Personal — is a bold, powerful and unique commentary on the country today. A flip book – in Devnagri and Roman script published by Penguin – Kohra Ghana Hai has been released in January 2020.

Through his poetry, Naveen Chourey talks about nationalism, patriotism, mob lynching, road blockages, about soldiers, protests and of ordinary people. His poetry evokes powerful images and emotions – fear, anguish, love, and joy. It is a delightful read and leaves a lasting impression.


The poem “Pinjra” is being recited during anti-citizenship law protests, and “Vaastavik Kanoon” talks about mob lynching. The way Chourey approaches the various concerns in the country today and reaches out to ordinary people and especially the youngsters through poetry, is commendable too.

Twenty-seven year old Naveen Chourey, a chemical engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, falls back on poetry, which he says holds him together, making him “Mukammal” – a complete artist.

Buy the book here:  Kohra Ghana Hai

Poetry | Rs 199

Published by: Penguin

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