After two days of complete lockdown this month – on August 5 and 8 – West Bengal is preparing for next lockdown across the state on August 20, Thursday. After changing the dates twice over, the state government announced seven lockdown dates this month which were planned in a bid to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Here’s the final lockdown dates for August 2020:

August 5 (Wednesday)

August 8 (Saturday)

August 20 (Thursday)

August 21 (Friday)

August 27 (Thursday)

August 28 (Friday)

August 31 (Monday)

There are several “festivals and local community-base customs” this month which were coinciding with the dates of lockdown that had been announced earlier and thus the dates were revised twice, said state government officials.

The government has decided to impose a biweekly lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19 after a sudden spike in the number of cases since the last two weeks of July. The total number of COVID-19 cases in Bengal reached 98,459 on August 10, with 2,100 deaths reported so far.

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