“Not divine right of an individual”: Prashant Kishor’s dig at Rahul Gandhi

Let opposition leadership be decided democratically, Kishor said.

Poll strategist Prashant Kishor on Thursday said that its leadership is “not the divine right” of an individual in a clear jibe at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Kishor took to Twitter to write: “The IDEA and SPACE that #Congress represents is vital for a strong opposition. But Congress’ leadership is not the DIVINE RIGHT of an individual especially, when the party has lost more than 90% elections in last 10 years. Let opposition leadership be decided Democratically.”

Interestingly, Kishor had a meeting with the Gandhis some months back, and there were speculations that Kishor may be appointed poll strategist for the party.

Also, Trinamool Congress chief and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee too had criticised Rahul Gandhi during an interaction yesterday with the media. Banerjee had said yesterday in Mumbai: “If one does nothing and is abroad half the time, then how will one do politics? For politics there should be continuous endeavour.”

In October, Kishor had said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is not going anywhere for “many decades” and the problem with Rahul Gandhi is that he does not realise it.

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