Over 250 markets across Bengal to be shifted to ensure social distancing

West Bengal police have decided to shift over 250 markets from congested across the state areas to reduce crowding in these markets. Crowding in many markets has been one of the main reasons of worry for the state government in containing Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In many such markets, people have been flocking in huge numbers despite repeated warnings. On inspection, it was found that many of these markets are located in areas which are either densely populated or are not spacious enough. Hence, it was not possible for people to maintain social distancing in the markets. It was also found that in some cases people from an area visited markets in other areas.

The state government had thus asked police to make a list of such markets so that appropriate measures could be implemented to check crowding and ensure social distancing.

Police will shift these markets to more open areas close by and will spread them over larger perimeters so that crowding doesn’t take place. Already 1,174 markets across the state were shifted earlier from congested areas to more spacious ones. In approximately 950 markets, sellers were asked to sell their produce over a larger area so that there is no crowding.

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