“Quarrelsome person”: BJP MP Soumitra Khan sends divorce notice to wife Sujata

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Soumitra Khan, whose wife Sujata Mondal joined the Trinamool Congress, has sent her a divorce notice through his lawyer.

In his notice, Khan’s lawyer mentioned that “my client realised that you are a hypertensive and quarrelsome person”. It was also mentioned in the letter that the couple has not been on cordial terms for the past six months. It was also alleged that Sujata used to “quarrel, abuse and assault” Khan and his relatives, and it was “cruel and inhumane”. It was also alleged that Sujata had threatened to drive him out of his own house”.

On Monday Soumitra Khan had said at a press conference that he would send her divorce notice within 24 hours. The BJP MP broke down at the press conference and blamed the Trinamool Congress for breaking his home. In 2019, Soumitra Khan had joined the BJP from Trinamool Congress and contested the Lok Sabha polls. However, he could not enter the constituency before the elections as per court order, and could not reach out to the electorate. Sujata had gone around the constituency seeking votes for Soumitra Khan, and he had won the seat eventually. Her move has thus been hugely discussed in the state’s political circles.

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