“Satellite health facility” in hospitals for mild and asymptomatic patients

State-run and private hospitals are introducing “safe home” and “satellite health facilities” for treatment of asymptomatic Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients or those with mild symptoms.

The concept is to avoid occupying beds in private and state-run hospitals that have been designated for COVID-19 treatment. This is equivalent to staying home with facilities of hospital at close quarters whenever it may be required. It involves isolation and treatment under doctors and nurses but do not require constant attention that is needed by serious COVID patients.

West Bengal chief secretary Rajiva Sinha said this at Nabanna, the state administrative headquarters, after a discussion with representatives of private hospitals. Several private hospitals are introducing such facilities to treat mild and asymptomatic patients.

Currently, 50 per cent of beds allotted for COVID-19 treatment in private hospitals are vacant, and 8,000 out of the 10,000 beds are unoccupied across the state. Sinha said that the state is well prepared to handle the situation in the coming days.

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