Actor Soumitra Chatterjee, who tested positive for COVID-19 is stable, it is learnt from sources. He was admitted to a hospital in central Kolkata on Tuesday morning after his report for coronavirus was positive. He got tested for COVID after he had mild fever for about three days.

With the report coming positive, the family decided to admit the 85-year-old actor to the hospital immediately. Hospital sources said that his condition is stable and a round-the-clock monitoring of his health is on. A medical board has been formed to keep a constant eye on his condition, as he has several age-related ailments. However, so far his condition is stable, and even before he was admitted to the hospital he had mild fever and no other COVID-19 related symptoms.

Over the past few weeks, the actor was shooting for a biopic and a documentary on his life, which have been put on hold.

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