Steep rise in goat meat price in Kolkata: govt to probe

Officials of a task force formed by the West Bengal government have started raiding various meat shops in Kolkata to find out why there was a steep increase in goat meat price recently.
Goat meat sold at Rs. 720 per kilo in some parts of Kolkata, though the price, despite the official increase, is lower.
Taking stock of the situation, senior officials have asked the task force to look into the cause behind such a price hike and take necessary steps.
It is being rumoured that COVID-19 affects chicken and hence there has been a sharp drop in the price of chicken meat and eggs, although there is no scientific basis to this claim. However, a large section of people have started believing in such rumours and have thus resorted to buying goat meat.
Officials think that some dishonest traders are hiking the price artificially to take advantage of the situation.
Recently, the price of goat meat in several retail markets of the city soared to Rs. 800-900 per kilo on the occasion of Doljatra and Holi. Overall, the official price was hiked to Rs. 700 per kilo across the city, but in reality, the price was said to have been artificially inceased much higher.

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