Subhendu Adhikary: Mamata Banerjee hasn’t driven me out yet, I am still with the Trinamool Congress

Trinamool Congress leader and senior West Bengal minister Subhendu Adhikary has been in the news over the past few months with the speculation that he may quit his party and join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Adhikary has been appearing in public meetings without the party banner and wooing people on his “individual capacity” for the past few weeks. On Thursday too, he didn’t make his position clear, leading to more speculations on his next course of action.

At Ramnagar of East Midnapore district, the state transport minister attacked Trinamool Congress without naming the party, and was even attacking on a section of the media for the speculations around him. “I continue to be a member of a political party, a cabinet minister and what I do is not a profession but a passion for me,” Adhikary said, adding that “the chief minister has not yet driven me away, and neither have I quit the party. I am not someone who works without ethics.”

At the public meeting, Adhikary further said, “I am not a migratory bird. Differences of opinion can lead to parting of ways. But till the time those who are in control drives one away, it is not right to say these things.”

He was sarcastic about the newspapers who, he alleged, had created a “hype” around him. “Those who have created this hype, it is your responsibility. I have close ties with everyone and I don’t reach out to them only seeking votes. I am with them during lockdown, COVID and Amphan.” Party insiders say that Subhendu Adhikary’s words indicated that he is still open to work things out with his party leaders.

[Image from earlier public meeting]

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