Available beds for COVID-19 treatment to be updated every hour: Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday said that the number of available beds for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) treatment in the state will be updated every hour.

She said that many private hospitals were turning down patients despite having allotted COVID-19 beds, or were charging more. A meeting has been called on Thursday to discuss various issues regarding treatment. “If there is regular updating of the number of beds, then people will know immediately how many beds are available and where,” Banerjee said.

Currently, there are 77 dedicated hospitals across West Bengal treating COVID-19 patients, which includes 23 state-run hospitals and 53 privately owned. Altogether 10,105 beds have been earmarked for COVID-19 treatment. There are 948 ICU beds in COVID hospitals, and 395 ventilators available.

Banerjee said that over 6,000 patients have been treated and discharged from hospitals till now (6,028), and the discharge rate in Bengal is 50.61 per cent. However, she said that the number of tests have now gone up rapidly – 3,51,754 samples have been tested so far (till June 16). “The number of those testing positive has gone up from the time the trains started coming from other states. But we have handled it well, and the number of discharged is more than the number of active cases right now,” she said.

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