BJP’s protest march in Kolkata without permission, apprehensions of trouble

Protest on fake vaccine racket that was recently busted in Kolkata.

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s protest rally outside the Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s main office on SN Banerjee Road scheduled between 1-2 pm on Monday has led to apprehension on possible trouble. The party has not been given permission from Kolkata Police authorities to hold the gathering due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

However, the BJP has gone ahead with the plan and will organise a rally outside the KMC building after gathering at Subodh Mullick Square at 1 pm today, led by the party’s state chief Dilip Ghosh. Bengal’s Opposititon political party is protesting the fake vaccine racket that was busted recently.

Initially, the party leaders had felt that they would not seek permission as it was understood that a permission would not be given in the current COVID-19 situation as rallies and gatherings are banned now. But the party then decided to move an official permission stating that a protest meet would be organised following the protocols. But no permission was given.

The BJP has gone ahead and planned the protest, saying the “police authorities can stop us if they want”. This has led to apprehensions that there may be trouble in central Kolkata today, as clashes between the protestors and the police may take place. With the West Bengal Legislative Assembly scheduled to give over early for the day, BJP MLAs are also likely to join the protest rally.