COVID-19 in Bengal: 24 new cases in a day; 144 active cases now, 10 deaths

The number of active COVID-19 cases in West Bengal at present is 144 with 24 new cases reported in the last 24 hours. Nine have recovered and were discharged during this time. Three more cases of death from COVID-19 have been confirmed in last 24 hours, thus making the total number of COVID-19 deaths in the state 10, chief secretary Rajiva Sinha said on Thursday.

Sinha said that the state government is working in coordination with the Centre to fight COVID-19. He told journalists that whatever decision is being implemented by the Centre are being decided upon jointly by the states and the Centre. He pointed out that “health is a state subject” and asked the media to not be “biased” towards the Centre and to not think that the steps to fight COVID-19 are being solely decided by the Centre.

A committee set up by the government has been assigned the task of deciding whether a death “has been caused by COVID-19” or by co-morbidities, a set-up that doctors in the state have been questioning. Asked how many cases the committee was currently examining, Sinha said he did not have such a figure as it was changing constantly.

Sinha said that from now, people will be able to complete buying and selling of properties online. The decision was taken as people are not able to carry out property deals physically due to the ongoing country-wide lockdown to contain COVID-19. The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting earlier today.

The state cabinet – at the meeting held in Nabanna – discussed strategies to tackle the aftermath of COVID-19 situation in the state with stress on economy recovery.

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