“COVID warriors”: Police, doctors, nurses felicitated with medals and certificates

The Bengal government on Wednesday felicitated some police personnel and doctors and nurses of state-run hospitals with medals and certificates as “COVID warriors” as they have been working on the frontline and had themselves been affected with Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Those who died from COVID-19, had the medals and certificates received by family members.

Altogether 268 police personnel, 30 doctors and 43 nurses and/or their families were felicitated on Wednesday by the state.

Families of those who died will get Rs 10 lakh as compensation and a family member will get a job with the state government. Twelve government officials have died so far after contracting COVID-19. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee said that doctors and nurses in private hospitals too will be felicitated similarly, and it is to honour the work that they have been doing during this difficult time.

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