Dilip Ghosh threatens again: “if they target our workers, should we serve them tea?”

West Bengal Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Dilip Ghosh on Friday reiterated his threat targeting Trinamool Congress workers and leaders. He said that if he and his workers met with violence, it would be retaliated by Central forces during the coming Assembly elections in the state.

“They are targeting my vehicle, they are breaking arms and legs of our party workers and followers. If they take to these methods, should be serve them tea?” Ghosh asked, adding that he and his party workers wouldn’t accept it lying down. He said this during an interview with NDTV. Ghosh added that they were fighting on the ground and over 120 of the party’s workers had “sacrificed” their lives.

He added that though he does not subscribe the violence, the Central forces would beat up those who create problems during the coming elections in Bengal.

Earlier in November, in Haldia, Ghosh said that if Trinamool Congress workers do not change their ways, they would end up either in hospitals or in crematoriums. The Trinamool Congress had reacted saying Ghosh is vitiating the political atmosphere in the state and is trying to unleash a reign of terror in Bengal.