Dilip Ghosh “welcomes” Subhendu Adhikary, Congress’ Adhir Chowdhury predicts big blow to Trinamool

As Subhendu Adhikary resigned as minister from the Mamata Banerjee cabinet, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief in Bengal Dilip Ghosh “welcomed” him to his party. Adhikary himself however, has told his close aides that he would first resign as MLA if he is to join any other political party.

On Friday, Ghosh said: “I have not spoken with Subhendu Adhikary. He is welcome to join the BJP. He will be given full respect in the party. I know that he is a fighter. This is the beginning of the end for Trinamool Congress.”

Ghosh further said that the Trinamool Congress is a circus. “There is an owner, a director-producer and the rest of the party work as employees. No self-respecting individual would like to work in the party, and that’s why they are leaving in an exodus. The BJP’s doors are open for those who want to bring in parivartan (change) to this state,” Ghosh added.

Meanwhile, Congress chief in Bengal Adhir Chowdhury predicted a big blow to the Trinamool Congress. He said that the party will crumble like a “house of cards”.

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