Durga Puja amid COVID-19: Centre suggests pandals to be as open as possible for better ventilation

The Central government on Monday, during a videoconference meeting on the COVID-19 situation in Bengal, suggested preparedness during the coming Durga Puja in West Bengal. Durga Puja is scheduled on October 22 this year.

Among other things, the Centre has suggested that Durga Puja pandals — that bring together many people — be kept as open as possible to allow better circulation of air and free ventilation. Among the many general measures for COVID-19, social distancing is to be maintained and closed places are to be avoided. For Durga Puja too, the Centre has therefore suggested that if the pandals are kept open, then air circulation can be free. Social distancing is to be maintained too. Even if some spaces within the pandals are closed, enough arrangements have to be made for ventilation. However, all the details will be worked out soon by the state government.

Explaining this at a press conference in the state administrative headquarters Nabanna, chief minister Mamata Banerjee said that the state government has accepted this suggested made by the Centre. “Durga Puja is a national festival, and some measures need to be taken for people’s safety,” she said.

This and other measures for Durga Puja are to be discussed on September 25 when the government officials meet Durga Puja organisers from Kolkata and the city’s outskirts.

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