Mamata Banerjee writes poem on Coronavirus attacking “selfishness”of the so-called “aware” in society

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday wrote a poem on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).
She attacked the lack of awareness of a certain group of people who could have used their awareness to help others, but who turned out to be selfish and thought only about themselves.
Without directly refering to it, it appeared that she had in mind the senior bureaucrat of the West Bengal government who had not followed strict guidelines despite her son returning from London. The teenage son of the bureaucrat treated positive for COVID-19. She had gone to work and had even called on home secretary Alapan Bandopadhyay after her son’s return.
Mamata Banerjee wrote in her poem about the huge impact of the virus and how it had been “imported” from elsewhere. She wrote that the poor were much more aware than the so-called aware in society.

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