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what up we are covering movies tv and entertainment and here’s my review of the Netflix series virgin river season 3. This review is spoiler-free I repeat there are no spoilers in this
video review you have no idea how much I love this show from time to time. I just need my healthy
dose of soap opera and that is what virgin river faithfully gives me okay okay if you thought previous
seasons were romantic and full of unexpected turns well wait till you get a load of season 3.

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Some of the recurring characters are now showing up more often and guess what mel and jack are not the only adorable couple in town anymore even the one with Lizzy and tricky is competing for our attention more. So now than ever before holy smokes, this season will play with your feelings and emotions some of your favorite characters will face their toughest ups and downs I smiled I cried I cried a lot actually there are several very sad episodes in season 3. So make sure you have a box of kleenex tissues nearby as formel and jack just when you think that they’re now solid together.

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Well growing that and moving it into the next step is where the relationship’s hard work truly begins based on robin carr’s books and created for tv by sue tenny virgin river is about a nurse practitioner named Melinda Monroe who moves from Los Angeles to remote northern California town seeking a fresh start. In this new season 3, we’ve got even more drama in store for the highlights of your beloved character include a funeral a fire a divorce a hurricane, and a new romance in a twist pack season that will keep you the fans on the edge of your seats starring Alexandra Breckenridge and martin Henderson this review doesn’t come without criticism. I do have a few things about season 3 that irks me a bit but before we get to that let me say some more of my thoughts and what you can anticipate now even though last season ended with jack getting shot the writers decided to not pick up exactly where that left off.

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But I don’t mind that at all because listen there is so much stuff happening so many dilemmas so many juicy dramas so much so that the shooting of jack is like the fifth interesting thing around. As I implied earlier. Some of the previously recurring characters are now get pushed more into the spotlight but I’ll say this not all of them fit well despite the writers trying their best to squeeze them in jack is performing a juggling act from start to finish I would say he’s juggling too much luckily it never gets to the point where the character becomes ridiculous. But the writers need to be careful
because having him appear in so many places on one day does make jack seem a bit superhuman
which can detach him from that relatable small-town good-guy persona that had worked wonders.

Till now the progression of mel in season 3 is not as overwhelming as jack but she does contemplate a few options that may spark conversations among you the fans what’s lovely is that even through all that whirlwind jack and mel always make time for lovey-dovey oh my god it’s either jack taking mel somewhere nice or mel surprising jack with something nice trust me if you’ve come for the romance season 3 has tons of it for you you will find yourself going ah so many times you will lose count okay.

Now for the criticism just a tiny bit nothing too harsh the way that the writers try to explain some of the character’s absence goes from possible to downright silly but I get it there are so many moving components and there’s only so much you can cover in a 45-minute episode the other thing is that in the process of spreading the love and giving all the characters enough screen time results in some subplots. I care more about than others and some I don’t care much for at all and for whatever reason this season 3 decides to turn some of the shady ones into misunderstood good guys you might argue well Rama that is the show’s way of telling you that humans are complicated oh no I get that I totally understand but some of them were actually way more interesting back when they were antagonists or unlikable.

So anyway those are just a few things that I may need more time adjusting to but overall season 3
is everything that we love about the virgin river and a bag of chips but brace yourself hold on tight and buckle up because things are gonna hit you out of left field especially regarding meal and jack I know that most Netflix shows have an expiration date but let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will not be the last we’ll see of the virgin river.

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