BJP leader Tathagata Roy files case against actor Saayoni Ghosh for “hurting sentiments” through meme

The actor has said her account had been hacked and the meme was not posted by her.

Senior BJP leader Tathagata Roy – who is former Meghalaya Governor – has lodged a police complaint against actor Saayoni Ghosh for a meme shared on Twitter. He alleged that the meme has hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Saayoni Ghosh meanwhile has mentioned on her Twitter account that the meme is from February 2015 and was not posted by her. She said that it was a mischievous act by someone who hacked into her account then.

On Twitter, Tathagata Roy wrote: “You have already been reported to Kolkata Police. The complaint is attached. Meanwhile a person from Guwahati has told me that his religious feelings have been hurt by your meme and he is filing a complaint. I hope Assam Police will take cognizance and ask for remand.” Roy also mentioned others – from Bengaluru and Paltan Bazar, Guwahati, making complaints subsequently on the matter. His own complaint has been lodged in Rabindra Sarovar police station, Kolkata.

In her tweet, Ghosh wrote: “Hello all, I had previously mentioned that this obnoxious tweet from 2015 was uploaded without my knowledge. And the moment I was made aware of that I heavily criticised it and deleted it immediately after informing the public. I never had the intention to hurt the sentiment of my own religion. I have always been vocal about my stance on certain issues and have never moved an inch away. However the harassment and the ordeal that I had to face today is deeply saddening. I have complete faith in the Almighty who belongs to both You and Me and the sensibilities of the judgement of the people of Bengal and my Nation.”

Cover image: Saayoni Ghosh, Twitter

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