Her belief in the tenets of Buddhism has trained Santasree Chaudhari to look out for the delusions in life. Writer-activist Chaudhari is aware of the false notions of reality depicted in contemporary culture, especially in the portrayal of women.

And she feels that the visual media can go a long way in creating awareness among people.  These thoughts and notions are now culminating in an international film festival at Nandan that deals with gender identity.

The short film festival will consist of four films and shall have for its guest panel eight renowned persons not from the glamour industry, but from diverse walks of life that aren’t usually connected with the domain of visual art. Women achievers from different walks of life will be felicitated too.

Issues such as trafficking of girls, male gaze are dealt with in the films. Chaudhari’s own film is also part of the festival. A poetry film, it is a visual expression of how a conversation on love and wisdom between the two popular Russian writers, Puskhkin, Tolstoy and the lesser known poet Anna Akhmatova would have shaped up.

“Visual media has a huge impact. Showing people glimpses of reality through documentaries or feature films can make people think differently,” Chaudhuri says. The international women’s short film festival and award ceremony will be held at Nandan on August 18.

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